About Shanelle


The Short: I am a communicator, journalist, blogger and all-around digital enthusiastAs the Communications Strategist for the ACLU of Northern California, I am responsible for creating visibility for the legal and programmatic work happening on the ground. As one of five in our department, I work collaboratively to implement a strategic communications plan that includes, liasioning with the media, drafting press and web copy, engaging our base through social media and email, rapid response, and making civil liberties issues palpable for the most impacted people.

In addition, I execute research in the area of Black women’s maternal health with the Black Women’s Birthing Justice Collective. We intend to challenge medical violence implemented by medical professionals and decrease disproportionate maternal mortality within the African diaspora. Birthing Justice — saving our Lives is a forthcoming anthology. 

My areas of scholarly and pedagogical interest are structural and institutional racism in urbanism, sociological implications of disproportionate maternal health outcomes, and Black feminist theory.


A little more: I am a multi-ethnic woman who is multi-faceted in her opinions and beliefs and always open for humble and stimulating discourse on how we can evolve into a more just and equitable society. I believe in egalitarianism as a means to advance cultural competency and to ensure a safe living and working environment for all people despite, privilege, race, class, sexual orientation, age, or gender.

By profession I am a journalist with a deep-seated feel for the needs of those on the margin.  Using media as a tool for social change can foster a future where the traditionally disenfranchised and oppressed can have their voices heard, their needs met and the support they so desperately deserve.  I chose social justice media because it is uniquely sensitive to the needs of marginalized communities, from which I come.

 As a blogger, I’ve contributed to sites like, The Root, Racialicious, Crunk Feminist Collective, The FriskyFeministing and Echoing Ida. 


Associations and affiliations:

The writing and commentary on my site is my own. It does not reflect the opinions and/or beliefs of  my employers or affiliations.

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